Saturday, February 2, 2013

  • four crayons. yes, i could have reunited them with their pack, but that would involve a flight of stairs.
  • an ancient tutu. cannibalized for art projects.
  • two curtain rings. it is unlikely that i will lose any of the ones that are in use.
  • a papier mache ball. unfinished.
  • a handmade paper flag. dominion unknown.
  • six socks. the basket overfloweth.
  • a children's book. which cost 85 cents in 1958.
  • elmo visits the doctor dvd. a huge favorite about seven years ago.
  • one t-shirt. last remnant of a former relationship.
  • throw pillow. cheap is cheap.
  • narrow paint roller. one of two: the other is on the chopping block.
  • canvas book bag. well-designed, but still never used.
  • shoe box. on the fence about whether this actually counts, but it is leaving nonetheless.
  • large steel brush.
  • tiny steel brush. only a portion of the steel brushes i own.


  1. Pete Andersen2/7/13, 7:23 AM

    The shoebox definitely counts! They are way too easy to accumulate. :)

  2. I've decided anything potentially useful counts, even if it can realistically be considered trash.:)